Anthony Mastella RN – A Critical Care Nurse At Virtua Health

Anthony Mastella RN is a dedicated critical care nurse who has been working at Virtua Health since 1999.  Critical care nursing is a specialty within nursing that specifically deals with human response to a variety of life-threatening problems. A critical-care nurse is a professional nurse who ensures that critically ill patients and their families receive utmost service. He/she performs complex physical assessments as part of monitoring the patient’s condition and status.

Academic qualifications
Anthony Mastella RN pursued his liberal arts and science degree from Camden County College, one of the largest and most comprehensive community colleges in New Jersey. He holds a nursing diploma through Helene Fuld School of Nursing and graduated with summa cum laude honor. Aside from this, he also holds a critical care certification, as well as certification in telemetry critical care and advanced cardiac life support areas through Virtua Health.

Anthony Mastella RN has many years of experience working as a critical-care nurse. He joined Virtua Health in 1999 and has been offering top quality health-care services to patients since then. In recognition of his hard work and commitment to providing compassionate care, he was given the Nurse of the Year Award 2010 by Virtua Health. In addition to this, Anthony Mastella has also been serving Cooper University Hospital since 2003. Over the years, he has mentored many newly graduated nurses and helped them adjust to the expectations of nursing field.

Anthony Mastella RN is passionate about Baseball and has been the Captain of Baseball team in 1985. He is a leadoff batter in the Varsity Baseball that was started by Shortstop. He has been an all South Jersey baseball player and his favorite team is Philadelphia Phillies.

A humanitarian
Aside from being an experienced critical-care nurse and a dedicated baseball player, Anthony Mastella RN is also a humanitarian who likes to participate in a variety of social welfare activities. He believes in working towards the betterment of his community and contributes a significant amount of money to Local Autism fund on regular basis.


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